Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend

Chinese Canadian Miracle Weekend

Save the date: May 29 & 30, 2020
Details coming soon


The 31st Annual Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend (CCMW) raised a record-breaking $1,568,000 in support of the $14-million Sunny Hill Enhancement Initiative to build a world-class facility on BC Children’s Hospital campus.

Thank you to Dr. Hilary & Patsy Hui for generously matching public contributions dollar-for-dollar up to $300,000. The month-long match campaign contributed to the huge success of this year’s CCMW campaign and helped double the impact of CCMW donations.  

The long-standing support and leadership of the local Chinese community allows us to continue to make significant progress towards our goal advancing child health care. With your help, we can help usher in a new era of care for Sunny Hill kids and their families.

Chinese-Canadian Miracle Weekend is a two-day multimedia event coinciding with BC Children's Hospital Miracle Weekend. The event, which is in its 31st year, broadcasts on Fairchild Television, CHMB AM1320 and Fairchild Radio AM1470. 

Last year, with the generosity of our donors, we were able to raise an outstanding $820,000 for BC Children’s Hospital and over $17 million since the event’s inception. 

CCMW raises $1,568,000 for BC Children's Hospital




「愛心大行動」是為期兩天的多媒體活動,與卑詩兒童醫院「奇跡週末」同時舉行。該活動已進入第31個年頭,於新時代電視,華僑之聲AM1320和加拿大中文電台 AM1470播出。


CCMW raises $1,568,000 for BC Children's Hospital