Hip Heroez Obstacle Course Challenge



Burnaby, BC

Welcome to the inaugural Hip Heroez , where kids ages 8-16 get to channel their inner superhero! It’s an adventure with fun obstacles challenging you to jump, crawl, and climb - with some mud thrown in for extra measure. Run on your own, or get your friends together and form a team. It’s all about being active, challenging yourself, and most of all, it’s about making a difference and having fun while doing it. Come join us and be a Hip Hero!

We ask that every participant raise a minimum of $100 to participate. Click register to sign up and a personal fundraising page will be provided upon registration. Every penny raised will go to the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation, in support of Paediatric Orthopaedic Hip Health.

EVERY YEAR, THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN SUFFER FROM DEBILITATING HIP AND BONE-RELATED CONDITIONS, which could otherwise be avoided if detected early or diagnosed accurately.  These children live life having to go through procedure after procedure just to live a normal life.  With the right resources and adequate funding, we can change the lives of these children, and more importantly, work towards a future where no child has to suffer as a result of delayed diagnosis ever again.  

Your donation will help make a difference, and on behalf the children, we'd like to thank you for being a HIPpy!

Visit the I'm A HIPpy website for more information.


They say it is better to give than to receive.  Well, at I’m A HIPpy, we believe that we actually get so much back in return when we give… we get the fulfilment of seeing children get a much better quality of life as a result of the medical care that they get from BC Children’s Hospital’s Bone Health and Mobility team.  We help make it possible through the funds raised at I’m A HIPpy. 

If you would like your next birthday to make a difference, we can help you set up a fundraising page where your friends and family can donate on your behalf.  To get started, please click  HEREIt’s easy - when filling out the form just note "I'm A HIPpy"!