RE/MAX Ride For The Kids

RE/MAX Ride For The Kids

Brian GodfreyBrian Godfrey, a realtor from RE/MAX of Nanaimo, has recently retired in order to go on another cycling adventure. In 2013, Brian and his friend Bob, completed their first fundraising cycling adventure, which helped raise $25,000 for BC Children’s Hospital with the help of fellow realtors at RE/MAX of Nanaimo. He hopes to raise the same fundraising goal this year.

Beginning in May 2016, Brian plans to ride with his two friends Tim and Dave, from Whitehorse in the Yukon, all the way down to Tijuana Mexico. The ride will be 5,475KM in length, and will wind down the Alaskan highways #37 and #16 to Prince George, then down to the Fraser River in Vancouver. He will then visit Nanaimo on Vancouver Island which he calls home for a brief stopover, before cycling down the coast to Mexico in just under a month.

During this stopover, Brian is planning a burger and beer fundraiser on Friday June 17th,  at the Old City Station Pub in Nanaimo, where friends and supports can welcome Brian, Tim and Dave home for their short visit. 

Then on Sunday June 19th, the ride south will continue for Brian as he rides solo as far as San Francisco, where he will be met by his son Steven, who will join him the remainder of the ride down to Mexico.

As parents, Brian and his wife Shirley are thankful neither of their children required the services of the hospital, but after a taking a tour of BC Children's Hospital in 2013, they saw firsthand how their fundraising dollars were working to provide the most critical care needed by the over 86,000 children and families who visit the hospital each year. Please consider showing your support of this ride and financial support of BC Children’s Hospital and make a donation here. Thank you!

If you have any questions, please contact Allison Hepworth, Philanthropy Officer at BC Children’s Hospital Foundation at 604-875-2560 or