In celebration of Maxwell Cheung's birthday


Hello Everyone!

Thank you for attending Maxwell Cheung's 5th Birthday Party! When we asked what Maxwell wanted this year, he said he wanted "A Big party with all his friends, all 100 of them!" We laughed when we heard this because we know how true to his heart this was. Maxwell has always been a very social kid and there is nothing more important to him than surrounding himself with people he cares about. He wanted to invite all his friends from his old school, which he misses dearly, his new friends that he is getting to know at his new school, and his out of school buddies with all the uncles and aunties. As a learning exercise for Maxwell, we made a suggestion to not accept any gifts this year, and instead give our guests an option to donate a gift to the BC Children's Hospital instead. Children's is special to Maxwell and us because they have always been there countless times, usually in the middle of the night, always friendly and helpful, when we as new parents were in a panic not sure what to do for medical situations. We even were introduced to our future Pediatrician there!!! Thank you everyone for supporting this important cause and helping Maxwell learn something greater than himself: the gift of giving and sharing!