A Tribute in Memory of
Duane William Sillery


In June 1989, BCCH created the Miracle Team which was made up of volunteers to promote their new telethon to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital. In 1992 Duane joined the team and was an active member until 1997 when the team ended. It was something he really enjoyed being part of.

After the team ended Duane stayed involved with raising awareness and being involved with fundraisers for BCCH. For the last decade he has personally been a monthly donor.

Duane passed away suddenly on January 21, 2019. He was 59 years old. He is remembered fondly as a gentle giant with a big heart who gave amazing hugs, a hard worker and someone who really cared about people. 

Raising funds for BCCH has been something very near and dear to Duane for the past 27 years. Please support BCCH in honour of Duane, who no longer can, and continue his legacy of giving.