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1 Week Post-Op
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I recently had a rare cancerous tumor removed from my thoracic spine, in January this year. I was told it was going to take many months to recover completely, maybe even a year before I could resume normal activity again. I am happy to say that 4 months after this surgery, I am no longer seeing my doctor on a regular basis and I got really positive feedback from my Oncologist, no sign of regrowth and I am actually feeling the healthiest I have felt in years. My goal after surgery was to face this year day by day, be brave and see it as a stepping stone. I stuck to my goals and I am now climbing mountains, playing soccer again, starting a workout routine, and I have resolved many other problems along the way. I finally have the chance to be myself again and those painful moments in the past have made me stronger and more resilient and taught me to just keep moving.


I have decided to participate in the Grind10 to support the Medical staff and patients at BC Children's Hospital. I did not recieve care from BC childrens hospital itself, but with the medical staff and resources provided to me at Lions Gate Hospital I wouldn't be where I am now. I would love to give back to the community and show my appreciation.


I am doing this for my own fitness as well, to show how well I have recovered, to be brave, to push myself, and to make myself proud. I have built myself back up, with the help of my family and friends I am better than ever.


My goal is to raise funds for the hospital by completing the Grouse Grind 10 times, in 15 days.

I would love your support by making a donation!

♥ Thank you so much for all of your help