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Steel Magnolias is proud to be supporting
BCCH Foundation & BC Diabetes Research Network

BCCH and BC Diabetes Research Network is home to a diverse research community that is passionate about improving the lives of those living with diabetes. Our efforts cross multiple academic institutions, hospital-based research institutes and community organizations.

The cast of STEEL MAGNOLIAS decided very early on that they wanted to leave the world a better place after their show was completed. Not only did they want to tell the intricate and intimate true story about the strength and beauty of female friendship BUT also the nerves of steel and grace that it takes to be someone who lives with Type 1 Diabetes daily. They want to be the voice of a NEW story - a vision of hope and one of change. This true story, of a time when treatment wasn't as advanced as it is now, could now be RE-written in 2020 and we are excited to be a part of that change.

About our production:

Boone Dog Productions presents the comedic, heartbreaking play Steel Magnolias,
February 14–March 8, 2020, at The Nest. A classic tale of camaraderie, the all-female production follows six Southern belles and their steadfast friendships through marriage, illness, childbirth, and loss. Based on a true story, and written by Robert Harling in memory of his sister, the play opens on Shelby’s wedding day in small-town Louisiana in the big-haired, pastel-hued era of the 1980s. The characters come together — seeking solitude and haven — as they uncover their shared steely sense of inner strength. Directed by Shel Piercy, the play features a luminary cast of local artists: Gillian Barber, Chy, Lalainia Lindbjerg, Ranae Miller, Jaime Piercy, and Sheryl Anne Wheaton. 

A Word From BCCH Foundation:

Every element that makes BC Children's Hospital so important to BC's kids would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters and friends. From the tiniest toy that puts a smile on a youngster's face to the groundbreaking pediatric research that's helping to find better treatments and cures for many devastating childhood diseases, your donation helps ensure that the most precious members of our society - our children - receive the best possible care.

On behalf of all of us - patients, parents, staff, and volunteers - from BC Children's Hospital, thank you for your generosity and for caring for our children and their future.

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