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15-year-old Keira has come a long way since late 2017, when she suffered from a major burn. Keira, who was 9 at the time, was holding a hot tray of drinks that spilled on her lap, causing a severe burn to her mid-body region.

Terresa and David, Keira’s parents, drove her to the nearby Chilliwack General Hospital emergency department. Her burn was treated but her condition worsened, and was complicated by the strep throat she had at the time she was injured.

Soon after that, she was transferred to BC Children’s Hospital, where there is an entire burn unit dedicated to treating children like Keira.

Keira was admitted into the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) with a dangerously high fever. She had contracted sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition caused by the body's response to an infection, and spent a total of five days in the PICU.

“It was an absolutely terrifying and surreal time when I didn’t know if Keira would survive,” recalls Terresa. “She wouldn’t be here without BC Children’s. We are very grateful to have a hospital dedicated to treating kids in this province.” 

Once stabilized, Keira moved to the burn unit where she spent 10 days. There, she received daily burn bath treatments, which help to clean the infected area in order to encourage new skin growth.

Although it was a traumatic and scary time for Keira, she and her parents came to realize that BC Children’s was the best place for Keira to be in her situation. “The nurses and doctors were wonderful with her,” says David. “They were all so patient and understanding of what she was going through. She developed a special bond with the nurses.” He also recalls the special touches the hospital had just for kids, such as a clown stopping by to cheer Keira up and the opportunities to pet the therapy dogs.

After 10 days, Keira was able to go back home to Chilliwack, although she needed to return to BC Children’s burn clinic weekly for burn bath and dressing treatments.

Today, Keira returns to the burn clinic every six months for check-ups, and will soon undergo laser procedures to remove some of the visible scarring. Every time she visits, she makes a point to stop in to the inpatient area to say hi to her nurses.

 “This has been a traumatic experience for her, but at the same time it has made her very resilient,” says Terresa. “She appreciates everyone at the hospital and feels a sense of connection with her doctors and nurses that have been with her through this whole journey. It a genuine connection between all of them, and we are very thankful.”

Every element that makes BC Children's Hospital so important to BC's kids would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters and friends. From the tiniest toy that puts a smile on a youngster's face to the groundbreaking pediatric research that's helping to find better treatments and cures for many devastating childhood diseases, your donation helps ensure that the most precious members of our society - our children - receive the best possible care.

On behalf of all of us - patients, parents, staff, and volunteers - from BC Children's Hospital, thank you for your generosity and for caring for our children and their future.

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