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My name is Michael Masakazu Li, a Grade 10 student at Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School.


When I was born at the BC Women's Hospital, a paediatrician from Children's Hospital was there at the delivery room and they checked me carefully.

He congratulated my mother for her beautiful baby boy, and he also noticed that I had a hip dislocation, which is curable and has no pain at all.  And they took care of me.

I had to have a special harness and went to Children's Hospital every week to adjust the size of the harness as I grew.

The orthopaedic doctor at Children's Hospital carefully checked my growth and the recovery every time.

After a couple of months, I got rid of the harness and had a follow-up monthly then annually.

This was my only experience with Children's Hospital and I'm glad that the Children's Hospital doctors immediately found my hip dislocation and also thankful that they took care of me..

Now I enjoy sports, ex. I was placed No.4 for long jump and No.5 for 4x400m relay at a city track meet last month, I enjoy playing basketball, and I participate at the Sun Run every year.


My older brother Joseph Takashi Li had more experiences with the Children's Hospital.

He has been wait-listed for his brain surgery (still waiting) which may cure his epilepsy or reduce his seizure.

According to the Children's Hospital neurologist, he has to wait for MEG (Magnetoencephalography) test which there is only one facility in BC and takes over a year to set up.

Also the neurosurgeon doctor wants him to use a new surgery system called Stereo EEG which also takes a while for the Children's Hospital to receive and also takes a couple of months to be set up.


We know there are many wonderful doctors at Children's Hospital.

I am very glad if this charity concert can contribute for creating facilities for many young patients like my brother.


Thank you for reading my notes.

I hope you can enjoy our piano on June 9th!!


Sincerely yours,



Michael Masakazu Li



Benefit Piano Concert

       in support of BC Children's Hospital Foundation, Bösendorfer,  Lowen Piano House

Sunday, June 9, 2019, 7:00pm

Loewen Piano House

1-12351 Bridgeport Rd., Richmond BC.


Tickets      $25/adults      $20/students

All proceeds benefit BC Children's Hospital





🎹Certificate and Achievement

RCM Grades 10 Piano & Theory with First Class Honor                    2017

RCM ARCT Theory with First Class Honor                                       2017

    ♪ RCM ARCT Piano exam scheduled in August 2019 ♪



Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival (in grade10 Piano)                                    2017

  1st place in Chopin class, 2nd in Bach, 3rd in Contemporary class

British Columbia Conservatory of Music Festival (in grade10 Piano)              2017

  1st place in Chopin class

Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival (in ARCT Piano)                                    2019

  1st place in Chopin class


🎹Volunteer experience

Worship pianist at Joy Fellowship (congregation for Special Needs)             2016

Weekly 1 hour Leisure time pianist at Dogwood Lodge (long term residence care)            

                                                                         from summer 2018  to current


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