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Maddie's Masons


Hi my name is Maddie and I am 13 years old, when I was 8 I had my first seizure. It was very scary for me because I didn't know what was happening. When I was heading to the hospital I had another seizure in the ambulance, this made me very sleepy and I lost feeling in the left side of my body, this made my mom, dad, and family very worried. The feeling did come back but soon I had to have lots of tests at BC Children's Hospital one of these was an MRI and I was brave and was able to do it awake. The doctors called me and my family in a few days later to tell us what was going wrong. I got to see pictures of the inside of my head, and this is where we saw what is called an AVM, pretty much I have what looks like a big tangled mess of elastics. These are actually veins and arteries and I have too many extra. These tickle my brain and cause the seizures. The team of doctors and nurses were very nice to me and explained that I will have to take medication to help me have less seizures. They sometimes still happen, and it is scary but I know when they are going to happen and I know I will be okay. I need to have check-ups and tests for a long long time, and right now my type of AVM can only be helped with medicine but one day I hope it will be gone forever!


I wanted to raise money for Children's Hospital by selling homemade mason jar candles! So I can help other kids like me, I really hope you love my cause as it means alot to me! 100% of the proceeds of my candles goes to Children's Hospital :)

Thank you!

xoxo... Maddie