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Flashback to SFU BFD 2014!
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Hello Everyone! It's that time again! I am cutting and donating my hair.. yet again! This will be my 5th time cutting and donating my hair!

Balding for Dollars is a cause that is very near and dear to my heart. It is a cause that I have been supporting for many years - from organizing the event at SFU to volunteering at the Main event to donating my hair and fundraising.

Cancer is a ruthless disease that knows no boundaries. I was first impacted by this evil creature at the age of 10 years old. It was the year 2000 and my 34-year-old Mom had been diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer. As hard as that ordeal was for my Mom, the one thing that she consistently said and continues to say is that she was an adult and could barely handle it - imagine what a little child endures when they are diagnosed with cancer. Just the thought of that breaks our hearts. It is for this reason, and so many others that I support Balding for Dollars and fundraised to support the programs that are offered and available to children battling cancer. 

This year, I am cutting and donating my hair in honour of my Mom, my soul sister Christine (at two-time cancer warrior princess), my high school classmate Sylwia, all of the beautiful souls I have met who have been impacted by this dis-ease and for all of those souls who are currently battling but feel that they have to hide this disease from society due to cultural stigma. And of course, for all of the children at BC Children's Hospital.  

Your contribution is greatly appreciated. My dear friends and family, you have supported and surpassed my expectations in previous years and I am so grateful! I hope this year, once again you can reach deep in to your hearts and consider donating to this worthy cause. Every dollar goes a long way!


Much love and light, 


Jasmine Garcha aka Holistic Jazz (www.holisticjazz.ca)



Thank you for supporting Balding for Dollars.  
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.