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Ugandan Pediatric Surgery Camp

The Pediatric Surgery Camp is a collaboration between Ugandan and Canadian pediatric surgical care professionals committed to compassionately delivering free surgery to children in need of urgent care.   Each year a small interdisciplinary team of doctors and nurses from BC Children’s Hospital travel to Uganda to conduct a pediatric surgery camp at hospitals in Kampala, Ishaka, Masaka, and Soroti. 

Radio and newspaper announcements along with large banners spread the word quickly that a Pediatric Surgery Camp has been organized.  This results in patients and their families from surrounding villages travelling to the hospital seeking surgical care.    

The team from BC Children’s Hospital recently returned from Uganda where pediatric surgeries were performed on children with congenital gastrointestinal and urologic abnormalities. 

The Uganda Pediatric Surgery camp offers an opportunity to not only provide lifesaving surgeries to children, it also serves as an important setting for teaching, learning, and sharing of best practices in health care delivery. 

We would like to warmly thank all of our donors who have supported this partnership in caring for Uganda’s children.   Plans are well underway for the 2018 Uganda Pediatric Surgery Camp.