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Heran Heart Foundation's Holiday Campaign

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Heran Heart Foundation (H2F), an annual Holiday campaign, is committed to raise funds to support the care provided in the Cardiology department at BC Children's Hospital.

H2F was established in 2014 by a husband and wife duo, Larry and Manu Heran. Larry, an ex-patient at BCCH, has a special attachment to the cardiology department specifically as it has played a big role in his childhood. Manu, a registered nurse, also pursues a passion for healthcare, especially when a dear family member endured an open-heart surgery that nearly cost his life.

Aside from monetary donations, Larry and Manu take joy in collaborating with the hospital team to fulfill a wishlist provided by the patients. Since 2014, they have donated numerous gifts that have brought smiles to the patients at BCCH during the warm holiday season. The two came to find that a chunk of their happiness comes from making others happy; therefore, Heran Heart Foundation was born. 


This year, H2F has been authorized to expand their donations to the Urology department. Larry and Manu's cousins, Paul and Jiwan, are also impressed by the care provided at BCCH that they would like to help donate to the Urology department, as their son (Sarwan) has been a patient there many times. 

Sarwan was diagnosed with Hyrdronephrosis (a condition where the tube between the kidney and bladder is blocked) before he was even born. Since then, he has had regular visits to BCCH to monitor his condition, which include regular ultrasounds and testing his kidneys using isotopes. Late in 2016, Sarwan suffered severe symptoms that stemmed from his condition and surgery was performed in February 2017. After being discharged, Sarwan had to be re-admitted that same night due to a complication. Despite family commitments, Dr. Afshar (his regular urologist) came right back to the hospital that night to attend to Sarwan. He stayed there until he was satisfied with his condition. During our entire stay, the doctors, nurses and staff were incredible. Children deserve happiness and BC Children’s Hospital does a great job of trying to restore this for so many.

-Paul and Jiwan


Family and friends have reached out to take part in the H2F annual holiday campaign. Donate now and help kids like Sarwan get better.

Monetary donations will be collected through the New Year by clicking on "Donate Now" located on the top right.

If you are interested in participating in the gift drive, please contact Larry and Manu directly at 604-537-4131.


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