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The Real Estate & Development Industry Equipment Purchase


The Real Estate & Development industry is coming together to raise funds for BC Children’s Hospital for Miracle Weekend 2016. Spearheaded by the Real Estate & Development Committee, our goal is to raise $84,878 to buy an Acute Critical Care Ventilator for BC Children's Hospital.

Caregivers at the Critical Care Program at BC Children’s Hospital, the only Intensive Care Unit in the province that specializes in pediatric medicine, treat more than 1,200 children annually. Care is given to infants and children from newborn to 17 years old with urgent needs due to life-threatening disease, injury, or following surgery, such as cardiac or brain surgery.

The need: 

A critical care ventilator, such as the Servo-U Ventilator, features the most advanced technology available to assist children who cannot breathe on their own. These ventilators can be used for long periods of time without causing further damage to delicate lung tissue, resulting in fewer long-term complications as the child grows.

Your donation helps ensure that the most precious members of our society - our children - receive the best possible care.

Thank you!

Your gift contributes to the fundraising efforts of the Real Estate & Development industry, which raises more than $1 million each year for BC Children’s Hospital. On behalf of all of us - patients, parents, staff, and volunteers - from BC Children's Hospital, thank you for your generosity and for caring for our children and their future.