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A recent project I have started is to raise money to donate to the BC Children's Hospital Cancer unit for the recreational therapy department. Part of therapeutic yoga for kids is to offer a medium through which children who are battling a dis-ease can still feel like children, to enable them to express themselves as children and to have fun. I believe this is a huge part of the mindfulness aspect which helps to support kids feel 'normal' during medical treatments and during recovery.  


To help raise money we have opened a community 'Karma Yoga on the Beach' group where weekly yoga classes will be held outdoors here in Vancouver. Our classes are Karma Yoga which means they are an act of service, therefore not for profit.


Practicing Karma yoga provides an opportunity to give back in any way we can. All classes are by donation and the proceeds collected for LittleLighthouse Kids Yoga Training & Research Insitute to be donated to 'BC Children's Hospital Cancer Unit' to help kids during cancer treatment and recovery.


This is a cause close to heart as I have been working very closely with cancer patients in recovery and the affect of yoga therapy, combined with mindfulness and foot reflexology have been remarkable. A future goal is to put together a team of holistic experts to research holistic therapies and share an opportunity with cancer patients to receive extra support with therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and reflexology during their medical treatments. We believe that medical and holistic therapies can work together hand in hand benefically. 


The next karma yoga class is this Tuesday. Here is a link to our group details  via Meetup.com if you would like to join




If you would like to help us raise money and donate to our cause, you can do so here. We really apreciate all your support.