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My name is Samantha and I am a cancer survivor. But my story begins five years ago.
I remember sitting in the medical check-up room with my parents feeling the sweat on my palms and my heart racing in my chest. I was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a bone cancer. I had no idea that from that day forward I would be facing the biggest challenge of my life: my battle with cancer.

I wrote this book to share my story in the hope of helping others who are also battling cancer. If you are a parent of a child with cancer, it’s sometimes hard to understand how your child is feeling. It is my wish that this book sheds some light on what your child may be experiencing. During this battle, there wasn’t one particular thing that helped me prepare for what I would be encountering with cancer or chemotherapy. But that doesn’t mean every child will go through what I went through. My goal is to provide an outlet for your child and for you battling cancer to try and help you understand this process. You the parent are there to provide the rest.

Throughout my journey, I remained positive and surrounded myself with family and friends. My family and their love for me allowed me to push through the pain and fight to feel better each day. They truly helped me overcome cancer. 

IF YOU’D LIKE YOUR OWN COPY, EMAIL ME AT srrenfro@icloud.com

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