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Hello everyone! 

Join us at Lace Up for Kids on November 16, 2017 at UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena and make a difference in the lives of BC’s one-of-a-kind kids!

On Thursday, November 16, I will be lacing up and skating as many laps as possible at the UBC Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Arena in celebration of the 10th annual Lace Up for Kids. Proceeds from the event will go to BC Children's Hospital Foundation in support of Rare Disease Research. For children affected by a rare disease, research holds the key to finding better treatments and possibly a cure. BC Children's Hospital holds a special place in my heart as my family received incredible care and concern of numerous individuals over the course of my childhood.

More importantly, the Rare Disease Foundation directly impacted a family close to ours as they recently experienced first-hand how a rare heart condition would affect both their young daughter and the rest of the family. Your contribution means a lot to me as I will be skating in memory of the most brave, clever, and comical little girl who was taken from us all too soon. 

Please support me and donate to help the physicians, researchers, caregivers, families and friends who are working together to create a brighter, healthier future for children affected by Rare Diseases.

Thank you and much love,


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