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Elizabeth Pierre

Flumpy, I'm photographing my hair!

I am grateful for anything you can give towards my fundraining efforts. Thank you. 


Five years ago, I gave my hair to Wigs for Kids as I shaved for the brave on the Garibaldi Lift Co Team. My hair is longer this time around, and again, it will go to Wigs for Kids. I've been looking forward to doing this again. (My sister measured my hair and it is 23" long, and 5.5" thick when braided)


Since I was last a shavee, I've observed more than one case of childhood cancer in the area where I live - facebook shares and local fundraisers for the families affected. I can't imagine the strength required to endure not only the cancer but the treatment as well, and being so young. I wish I had the magic to change their experience, turn their stays in hospital to things a childhood is really made for. I'd like to see cancer eliminated from existence entirely; and the most I can do is help out with raising awareness and funds for the cause. 


Please share my hero page and help me appeal to contributors. 

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