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On Saturday  April 7th. I will be shaving my head Balding For Dollars with hopes of raising as much money as possible in support of the kids battling cancer at BC Children’s Hospital. 

We can all make a difference in another person’s life if we choose to do so. I have chosen to try and do so because a friend of mine, Bernie Ryan, has championed this cause for almost 15 years and in doing so he has raised close to $300,000.00 dollars for various BC Hospitals. In the past I have helped sponsor some of Bernie’s fund raising events with door prizes and also donated my own cash to his team. This year I thought that I could do one better and shave my head in support of this great cause.

I’m not asking you to join a fund raising team or set out on your own epic fund raising campaign like Bernie, I just ask that you take a few minutes out of your day and donate to this great cause knowing that it will make a huge difference in someone else’s life when they need it most. If life finds has you on tough times, no worries, but if you have that spare $20, $100 or $500, donate it today and you will feel better for doing so.

You will also be entered into a draw to win for one of three Kawasaki accessory prizes.

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Thank you for supporting Balding for Dollars.  
Your contribution is greatly appreciated.