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Chemo injections...the bald Lucas...
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BC Children’s Hospital saved my son’s life! Lucas is still under their umbrella and still on chemotherapy. He has not had a haircut since it grew back over a year ago...and will be donating his hair to make a wig for those other cancer patients. Help us celebrate!

Our story began at Christmas time 2015 when Lucas was continuously getting sicker and sicker. Upon a visit to our family doctor he ran some blood work to the lab that day for some reason. As Luc’s father,  I knew it was serious when the Dr called us at home that evening and told us to pack overnight bags and get to emergency at Victoria General...” looks like leukemia “.

From there Lucas and his mother (Sondra) were airlifted to BC Children’s for immediate diagnosis confirmation and treatment began...New Years Eve. We rang in the new year in his hospital room, with tears and the first chemo treatments.

Eventually, our home became Ronald McDonald House. The induction period of chemotherapy was very traumatic on us all. Poor Luc was so sick (it still breaks my heart just remembering). I could not ’fix it’. This is the time when the hair falls out in clumps all over. We decided to shave his head...and I did it.

Hi! My name is Lucas Neudorf. I'm reaching one year of my treatment left very soon. Thanks to the amazing crew at B.C. Children's Hospital and my wonderful oncology clinic staff in Victoria, I have been able to continue my life as much as I could during my treatment. I was able to graduate high school with my senior class, get my drivers license and buy my first car, and I started dating my beautiful girlfriend. I'm also currently attending university with the hopes of becoming an officer in the Canadian army when I'm done my treatment. None of this would have been possible without the people of Children's Hospital's oncology clinic saving my life. So I want to give back and raise money for the oncology clinic, so the oncology staff can continue to save kids and give them the lives they need and deserve.    



Clinic Staff

By Lucas.N

As we lay in beds, with teary eyes.

And watch the clock, slowly roll by.

We feel sick, and want to go home.

We want to be free, to run and roam.

But as we lay, in our despair.

Comes those, who truly care.

Those Angels, who make us laugh.

Those loving amazing, clinic staff.



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