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As many of you are aware Emily has lived with multiple life threatening allergies! As you can imagine this adds a dimension to our life that makes many simple things a lot more complicated. We struggle with finding safe food items, deciding which programs/classes/events are safe for Emily to attend and which we are not...we can't just pick up dinner at any 'ol resturant or drive thru and when we do attend an event or resturant TONS of planning and preparations (and packed food!) accompany that. These are just a few of the minor details that impact our every day life with food allergies. I won't get too into the crippling fear that food allergy parents face at every itchy tongue, red face, cough and sniffle after food exposures (whether eaten or not!) that may or may not be a reaction that could soon turn life threatening. Hypervigilence becomes a skill like no other. And it's exhausting.


But we have a chance to change that! Now we face hope. Hope for a future without fear of food. Hope for a life without an epipen strapped to Emily's side. Hope for birthday parties and play dates. Hope for trying new foods! Hope for REAL ice cream! 


Emily has been taking part in the OIT program at BCCH since May. We no longer fear peanuts... we are looking forward to soon being able to tolerate larger doses of dairy and not living in fear of milk! OIT has been life changing... even if we never get to a complete cure of all of Emily's allergens (although there is no reason we may not!!) to go on without the worry of cross contamination and life threatening reactions will be worth all the time and money in the world. We are eternally grateful for our opportunity to do OIT with Dr.Chan at BCCH and we hope that all children who are eligible can have access to the same treatment.


Please consider pledging us for the 2019 Sun Run and your donation here will go directly to the OIT for BC team at BC Childrens Hospital where they hope to open a clinic devoted to treating food allergies! 

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Please join me in supporting BC Children’s Hospital.

I believe every child in BC deserves the best chance of a healthy future. That’s why I’m excited to support BC Children’s Hospital and raise money to provide the best possible care to children across the province.

Please join me in making a difference for BC kids by making a donation in support of my fundraising efforts.

Thank you!

The Vancouver Sun Run presented by Ford has been Canada's largest 10K road race since its inception in 1985. Through the years, the run has captured the imagination and hearts of individuals wanting to improve their health and well-being. Today thousands upon thousands descend upon the streets of Vancouver each year in celebration of good health and community. Every registrant has the opportunity to create a personal fundraising page and to support a participant's charity of choice through participation in The Vancouver Sun Run.

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