Mining For Miracles

Mining For Miracles Participant List

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Name Company Total Raised
Great Panther Mining $30,270.00
Ian Anderson Teck - Fording River Operations $121,076.00
Andrew Berryman Worley $14,110.00
Geoff Brick Teck - Highland Valley Copper Operations $64,438.16
Luis Canepari Newmont Goldcorp $21,825.00
Ria Fitzgerald Independent - Engineering $7,648.00
Duane Gingrich Hatch $14,680.00
Michael Goehring Mining Association of BC $10,635.00
Jim Harrison MSABC and Finning $19,470.00
Andy Haynes Golder $12,140.00
Thompson Hickey Teck - Trail Operations $52,290.00
Kris Homer Wood PLC $15,570.00
Robin Kalanchey Ausenco $15,631.50
David MacDonald Deloitte $6,850.00
Brendan Macken Fluor $40,245.00
James McPherson Tetra Tech $11,190.00
Ron Millos Teck Corporate on behalf of Dr. Bruce Vallance $54,765.00
Ed Morash Teck - Line Creek Operations $114,301.00
John Mullally Newmont Goldcorp $52,065.00
Stephen Rowland Glencore $30,500.00
Kal Ruberg Teck Resources Limited $18,245.00
Don Sander Teck - Elkview Operations $99,774.34
Marcia Smith Teck Corporate on behalf of Avery Carpenter $92,460.00
Michael Steinmann Pan American Silver $51,000.00
Andrew Stonkus Teck - Corporate $52,040.00
Iain Thompson Ernst & Young $9,125.00
Elaina Ware Teck - Greenhills Operations $58,820.00
Todd White Newmont Goldcorp $37,310.00
Steven Yee CWA Engineers Inc. $22,675.00