2019 MW COC Avery


Your support will help more kids beat the odds.

The diagnosis was about as bad as it can get. 

Avery was in congestive heart failure. Her heart was the size of an adult’s and it was barely twitching. It was a miracle she was still alive. Her heart defect so serious it has a 90% mortality rate if not diagnosed in the first year of life. And Avery was two.

The team at BC Children’s Hospital rushed Avery into emergency surgery the next morning. It would take their best skill, along with access to the latest equipment, to give Avery her best chance to survive.

You were there too, behind the scenes, making hope possible with your support as a Circle of Hope donor. With your generosity, you helped ensure Avery had access to everything she needed to beat the odds. And today, we need you to be there again for many other kids in urgent need of a miracle.

Your leadership gift today will help fund lifesaving equipment, promising research and the very best care. It will give even the sickest of the sick – brave kids like Avery – every chance to beat the odds.