2019 Holiday Wave 2 COH


This Christmas help give more kids like Makena the chance to reach their full potential.

Imagine watching your three-year-old daughter have over 100 seizures a day. Imagine being powerless to stop them.

I couldn’t help my little girl and it was the worst feeling in the world,” says Makena’s mom, Annalisa.

But, thankfully, the amazing surgeons at BC Children’s Hospital were able to help. Makena had two surgeries to remove parts of her brain that were causing her seizures. The second surgery worked and Makena hasn’t had a single seizure since. But it did leave her paralyzed on her left side.

Makena couldn’t even walk when she began 10 weeks of therapy at Sunny Hill Health Centre, BC Children’s Hospital’s rehabilitation facility. But that all changed thanks to the expert care she received. Today Makena is running, climbing and living life to the fullest.

Our esteemed Circle of Hope supporters played an important role in Makena’s recovery. Thanks to your generosity, she had access to the equipment, expertise and world-class care she urgently needed.

I hope you’ve had the chance to watch Makena’s brave story and see the incredible impact you make with your leadership. She had the chance to reach her full potential because of generous donors like you.

And I hope you’ll give other sick children the same chance with a special donation this holiday season. Your leadership gift will help us invest in the latest equipment and technology. It will fund vital research leading to new treatments and even cures for illnesses like epilepsy.

Your gift this holiday season will give kids like Makena every chance to grow up healthy and live a long, happy life. That’s the power of your generosity for BC Children’s Hospital.