2018 Balding for Dollars

Cat's Balding for Dollars

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Living with a medical condition is hard enough but living with one that changes your physical appearance and leaves you feeling self-conscious would be extremely difficult. There are kids all over Canada who have to live with this every day and many of their families cannot afford to worry about much more than the financial strain of medical related costs.

I am inspired by the strength of these children and I am asking for your help to put a smile on some of their faces. My goal is to help these financially disadvantaged children in Canada who have lost their hair due to a medical condition or treatment. I want to donate MY hair for the second time in 3 years to this fabulous foundation and am asking you to donate a little bit of YOUR spare change. Providing a wig or hair loss solution will increase a child's self-esteem and improve their self-image, during a difficult and sometimes painful time in their lives.

TOGETHER we can help these children face their condition and daily life with a greater confidence.

This is how it works...... It takes between 10 and 12 - 12" non permed, bleached, dyed, or treated hair donations (which I am excited to donate) to make one hair prosthesis, as well as $800 to $1000 budgeted funds by the foundation to cover manufacturing and related costs for 1 wig. Once Balding for Dollars has enough hair, the prosthesis is fitted and styled especially for an individual child, making it their very own. In addition, the child receives a kit that includes a wig stand, shampoo, hair brush and care instructions.

Funds raised also goes to support Balding for Dollar's other programs such as paying for accommodations for families that come from out of town for treatments, medicines that aren't covered by MSP, family fun days to help bring a little joy and distraction from heavier days and so much more!You can visit their website www.baldingfordollars.com for more info on their programs.

So dig in those couch cushions! Look under your car seat! Look in that vacuum hose! Every little bit helps!

TOGETHER we can help these children feel beautiful!