RBC Race for the Kids

Team Sage


Sage is a beautiful, sweet, bright, kind, 8 year old girl who has been battling cancer for the last 4+ years of her life. Sage's primary cancer, Wilms Tumor, took her left kidney and caused her to undergo two open heart surgeries, radiation, proton radiation therapy, countless rounds of chemotherapy, physical therapy, cryoblation, and so much more. Her cancer has been very aggressive and relentless, and the poor little girl has relapsed 2x.  But, unfortunately, all of her treatment has not been successful.  Yet, through it all, Sage has never given up and has been an absolute warrior. And, yet, still to this day, despite the pain, discomfort, weakness, and fatigue, Sage refuses to let the cancer win.

Sage is a determined little girl who has done an amazing job of staying positive and strong all through what cancer has thrown at her. She is known for her calm demeanor, bravery, positive spirit and crazy silliness.

Sage's most recent relapse has shown three growing tumors that have devastatingly rendered her medical team to inform her mom that they have exhausted every avenue. BUT, hope is not lost because Sage and her mom are still fighting and looking for a miracle.

That's where you come in!

Please join us in supporting Sage and her Mom by:

1) Running as a part of Team Sage

2) Sponsoring Team Sage as we fundraise to find better treaments to fight this horrific cancer once and for all!

Let's support Sage and her Mom!