RBC Race for the Kids

RBC Race for the Kids Team Leaderboard

Top Fundraisers

Name Total Raised
VINOD D'Cunha $385.00
Evelyn Ko $250.00
Anya Hilger $200.00
Jessica Schellenberg $175.00
Jeff Turner $175.00

Top Community Teams

Name Total Raised
Chorus and Clouds $470.00
Team Jayden $250.00
Team Mighty Quinn $200.00
PART-time runners $150.00
Little Warriors $105.00

Top School Teams

Name Total Raised
L'Ecole Bilingue $25.00
Ecole Anne-Hebert $20.00
West Bay Wolves $1.00
Fleming Elementary $0.00
CEFA Richmond South $0.00

Top Corporate Teams

Name Total Raised
Team RBC $2,295.00
RBC Race for the Kids - Merritt $50.00